My name is Kara and I love candid images that speak to who you are and have an edgy feel wrapped in vulnerability and romanticism. I am inspired by the amazing people I meet, their struggles and triumphs. Sharing in each other's stories is what this crazy life is truly all about.

Photography is such a beautiful way of sharing life in a very heartfelt art form. It takes patience and diligence to wait for the perfect look or feeling. THIS is what I crave, capturing the moments between the moments.

Being photographed can often be a very personal thing for some. I have seen the way photos shape a persons feelings and their self image. Knowing this, I like to understand YOU and make YOU feel comfortable in front of the camera lens. 

After getting engaged, I learned a lot about what it meant to be where you sit. The one thing I saw most was this, " Your perspective on the world and life directly influences the way YOU capture it." Speaking as a photographer, I saw just how much my personality and the condition of my heart can only ADD or TAKE AWAY from someones big day! You see it takes translation as well as a keen eye to create breathtaking imagery. The same goes for anyone you choose to work with to celebrate this season!

This southern girl living on the West Coast loves a good dance party, my pup, and documenting rad people. Looking foward to knowing you!

YOUR perspective on the world and life directly influences the way YOU capture it

I feel alive because I am so lucky to document two people devoting their lives to love. From day one,  I will guide you through the process to make your wedding experience & photos the very best! 



Some publications/clients include:

Tesla, Cloudy Bay Winery, Huffpost, Green Wedding Shoes, Resource Magazine, FujiFilm, Madewell, Filson, Conde Nast, Adobe, Ona Bags, Tour Alaska, Visit Jordan, Ebay, Lands End, Blundstone, Blurb, Larsson & Jennings, and J. Crew, Stocksy, Matador Network, Tinker Street.